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Decker is an easy product to handle and work with so any competent carpenter, builder or landscaper will enjoy working with Decker. Or, you could choose to employ one of the Decker installers in your local area.


Installation of a Decker deck is quick and easy with the right preparation.
When replacing an existing deck and to begin your Decker DIY installation, follow these easy steps:

  1. Check the spacing on the joists to determine if they comply with DECKER requirements e.g. 450mm centres when install Decker solid decking boards; 400mm for Decker hollow boards
  2. Determine if the substructure is sound
  3. Seek and obtain relevant building permits
  4. Use appropriate safety procedures to remove and dispose of old deck
  5. Leaving the substructure and frame in place, ensure joists are even and level and trim where necessary
  6. Install your Decker deck according to the Decker Installation Guide and check out our decking made simple introduction to Decker

Unlike timber, when your Decker deck is installed the deck is ready for use as there is no need to finish, stain, paint or varnish. Once installed, your Decker deck is ready for immediate use for many years into the future without the need for maintenance apart from an regular clean.

Congratulations! Decker decking is the lifestyle alternative to maintaining your deck.

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