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Frequently Asked Questions

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composites and is often referred to as simply ‘Plastic Decking’ or ‘Composite Decking’. Decker is a WPC and may be referred to as WPC, Plastic or Composite Decking but should be referred to as “Engineered Recycled Wood”. We believe wood looks amazing, but wood is a limited resource that can be put to better use.

Decker is comprised of approximately 40% polyethylene plastic and 60% wood fibres with some chemical additives to enable extensive longevity of the composite. The materials are predominantly recycled, so there is no deforestation and the plastics we use save thousands of tonnes of landfill every year.

We manufacture some of the thickest composites around, capable of producing 240mm thickness! Even our standard decking is thicker than most of our competition at 25mm which makes all the difference in stiffening the boards, improving their longevity and firming them under foot.

Don’t forget that Decker also offers an extensive range of complementary colour matched products such as our wall cladding, fencing and architectural pieces which key any project together perfectly!

Decker offers a limited seven year warranty on all of our products with certain solid ranges having a limited 12 year warranty. Please contact us for terms and conditions and be aware that the product must be installed to our manufacturer’s installations specifications for the warranty to be valid.

By request, we will offer a full lifetime warranty subject to a small premium on the initial purchase. After many years of supplying composites, we have managed to find the best ingredients to provide the most competitive price, whilst still being able to honour our obligations under any warranty claims that may occur in the future. You typically pay 20-50% more for products with lifetime warranties however the majority of people will move home or experience other unforeseen events that render a longer warranty useless. Thus 12 years gives the comfort people need without spending extra money.

Our plastics are predominantly collected from recycled milk bottles and other HDPE products from processing plants. Our wood fibres are typically collected from the wastes of woodworking offcuts, as Recycled timbers can suffer from various issues which are not suited to extrusion processes that we apply to create our composites.

Yes, we do and it is all matched to our standard colours and finishes!

If you require further information, do not hesitate to call us.

The great thing about being so long in this industry is that we have learnt from others. For example, we learnt many years ago that using bonding glue on composites will often result in the board coming loose over time and creating a ‘moving’ deck under foot. This is why our Invisi-clips are made to grab the boards tightly and do not rely on any glue to hold them. Additionally, we saw others attempt to manufacture hollow composites in the late 90’s but they failed as the water would be absorbed in to the decks, and thus would crack and fail. When we introduced our hollow boards in 2003, it was the first to be fully bonded from wood fibres, and it has not had any warranty claim in 9 years! We saw the failings of 5.4m boards over time especially in the US where they relied on face fixing and made a decision on this in 2011 and are one of the first to introduce 3.6m as standard to avoid stress fractures which commonly occur on 5.4 boards in later years. We pride ourselves as leaders and are at the forefront of technology and research for composites globally.

There are always cheap products that are made using flour, bamboo or plastics lacking the quality needed for guaranteed longevity but the reality is the consumer should compare apples to apples, or rather Decker to decking boards, as it were.

For example, one of the cheapest products on the market today offers a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects but NOT against rotting or splitting so the warranty is worthless unless it was sent out not manufactured correctly in the first place which no product is. Even so, you still pay over $70 per square meter and it comes in one colour and has no clip fitting method on a 5.4m board which is recognised as a long term issue waiting to happen as the board will expand and contract putting pressure on the fixings which can cause splitting at these lengths. More so, this product has only been sold here for a little over a year and the fact that they will not offer a guarantee against rot, or splitting is a tell-tale sign of what value the consumer is getting.

Our Hollow product which has been sold since 2003 and is backed by a 7 year warranty to protect against splitting & rot is in fact better value, and comes in all the colours that the Decker range is available in with the invisi-clip system. It is very important especially when buying by the length or meter to consider the width and thickness of the boards as mentioned earlier. The narrower they are, the more you need of them and thus they are not normally cheaper after you have priced the job.

This just appears to be a confusion technique. Decker believe in transparent pricing, so if you would like our composites priced per linear, per square, per weight or in any other fashion; please let us know and we will oblige. It is important to always consider how much product you will need to get a comparable price – for example, our product is wider and thicker than most so you will need less of it, especially when compared to normal timbers which will result in substantially more wastage due to knots and damage or just unsightly natural grains. To work out a true comparison price, simply take the price per linear metre and multiply this by how many boards will be needed. I.e. 1m = 1000mm, so 1000mm/140mm (width of our boards) = 7.14 boards across required to make 1 square meter. Note, that this still does not account for gaps between the boards which improves our price psm as in reality you only need approximately 6.9 boards across to make a square meter.


  • Hardwood timbers fully finished typically more expensive
  • Natural timber has natural imperfections
  • Legal and illegal deforestation occurring
  • Merbau is fast disappearing Time consuming and expensive maintenance
  • Degradation of a timber deck will quickly advance without regular maintenance
  • Toxic chemicals and preservatives used in the staining, painting and oiling of timber decks
  • Maintenance requirements will negatively impact the environment
  • Maintenance requirements will impact your lifestyle or pocket


  • Comprises wood waste and recycled plastic
  • No deforestation involved
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed not to rot, split or warp
  • Water resistant and weathers well
  • Termite resistant
  • Enhanced UV protection
  • Manufactured for consistency
  • Looks and handles like timber

We have been supplying composites for many years and we standardised on one size which will not be ideal for everyone all of the time but does suit the majority of our customers. The reality is that with composites, they expand, and at 5.4m lengths the running expansion joints should be bigger to account for the expansion per meter, and at 5.4m lengths or longer composite decking looks unsightly and adds more stress on any face fixings, unless using a commercial grade. More so, we have had feedback year after year that 5.4m boards are difficult to handle with the amount of flexing and this ends up damaging the boards and making installation typically more difficult.

The reason we offer 3.6m as our standard is that in most countries, companies produced the 5.4m boards for economies of production and one and a half of our standard 3.6m boards match this size exactly and allows for the staggering of boards that you should have when installing a deck.

Alternatively, we are sometimes able to offer other lengths on larger runs and for our partners we will run product of whatever sizes are required subject to minimum orders.

It’s simple, Decker looks great and just looks better the longer it is down whereas the reverse is typical for hardwoods as the wood is often not maintained as it should be. With prices of timber rising, especially when you add in the extra finishing costs for hardwoods and the natural wastage, some of our range is cheaper than most hardwoods. We don’t cut down any trees to produce our product as everything is sourced from waste resources so Decker is great for the environment. Additional to all the benefits such as low maintenance, no splinters, no popping screws/nails, no oiling; If you ever damaged a plank beyond repair, you simply can replace it without having to find a matching piece again.

Delivery options are;

  1. Delivery can be arranged to our local distribution depot for collection by customer within 2 weeks OR
  2. Delivery can be arranged to our representative/store if they offer this service OR
  3. Delivery can be arranged to the customers own location subject to accessibility being possible by a large truck.

If delivery is to a location which does not have a forklift, then hand unloading will need to be facilitated. In such a case it is important that at the time of the delivery, that at least one able person is there to assist the driver as hand unloading of the pallets is required.

Please note that the delivery of the Decker products will only be to the nearest ground point of the delivery address to the unloading area of the truck. All orders shall be deemed to be accepted and checked off by the customer upon delivery of the product at the customer’s site.

For all orders which are in stock, we aim to deliver within 3-5 days to site as required. For orders which need to be manufactured, delivery is normally within 4-5 weeks to site.
Storage & Handling?

Decker packs must be stored in a dry and flat area under covered roof and above the ground. When moving the decking boards around, you must carry boards on their edges.

Please note that we subsidise the costs of all our deliveries Australia wide to keep delivery charges at reasonable rates. Failed deliveries due to non-attendance by customer will have to be charged in full to customer.

With Decker, you can use standard power saws and drills. As with using any power tools, adequate personal protective equipment should be used when cutting or drilling Decker. Decker handles and cuts just like any timber or wood board.

Because composites can expand and contract more than timber, the boards move very slightly and face fixing can be stress on the screws or nails, especially on longer boards over 3.6m. The Invisi-clip system was designed especially to take stress away from the face fixing method and it is why we have no issues with splitting at the face fixed points unlike other manufacturers.

We have worked with composites longer than most and have learnt our lessons many years ago whereas a lot of the new entries in to the market unfortunately have not. We understand that longer boards mean more movement overall, hence why we chose 3.6m as our standard. We understand that if you use our Invis-clip system, not only does it look better and reduce injuries, but it takes stress points away from the timber so there is rarely any issue once it is down.

We recommend for warranty that there is a gap between the boards when running side by side of 4-5mm. This gap is recommended for drainage purposes as every deck should have (including timber). The Invisi-clips are designed to automatically create this gap within our guidelines.

Because our boards are standard at 3.6m and we recognise that some people have to face fix, we do allow face fixing of the boards rather than using the Invisi-clip sets provided as long as the fitting instructions are followed.

Not at all, Decker is as easy to fit (if not easier) than a normal timber deck. There is only one major difference when fitting Decker and that is we mostly use the Invisi-clip system to create the side spaces and we leave a small gap when the boards butt up to each other.

Decker shares fixing similarities as to their natural timber decking counterparts, but there are a few subtle differences (mainly the spacing of boards) that must be observed carefully during installation so installation instructions must be read. We also offer our Invisi-clip system for simple and easy fitment which means there are no unsightly marks to the top of the decking boards.

Yes, absolutely. All of our solid products can be fitted around salt water environments.

Yes, absolutely. The only requirement is that you adhere to the minimum clearance underneath which is typically 50mm and this can be facilitated using one of our battens and make sure that there is a clear run off for the water to flow out and away from the decked area.

Decker does not warp provided it is stored, used and fitted properly in accordance to the installation instructions. The boards can move several mm in flexing and are able to be used for limited curves in landscaping projects.

At the end of the day, this is your call but if they are not followed then any warranty claim will be invalid. We have been fitting decks around the world for many years and some installers follow the gap guidelines rigidly and others don’t leave a gap at all! The gaps at the board ends are there to allow for expansion as the boards heat up. We have seen many decks with breaker boards that never have any issues with zero gaps but each installation is different and thus we have to ask for the gaps to guarantee that if there is a problem that it is down to us and not the fitment. NOTE, if fitting hollow decking and you do not have the appropriate gaps installed, the product will start to split from the board expansion pressures within 12-24months and WILL not be covered under any warranty.

Likewise, for the parallel gaps which the clips create, there have been installations done which have zero gaps but they have drainage built in. Again, every installation is different and thus we have to ask for the gap for warranty adherence.

Yes, it is similar to timber characteristics in that adequate ventilation is needed to ensure the product is able to dry out after getting wet. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to clearance of the butt joins, spacing between the boards, and minimum ground clearances.

Yes, all of our boards come double sided, so you can choose to use either side when you install the product.

Of course, Decker is moisture resistant, however it should be noted that Decker is not designed to be immersed in water for long periods (i.e. weeks.) as damage may occur. Solid Decker is fine to be installed around pools and by the water.

The wood and plastic composition of Decker means our products are designed not to splinter. Hence, this makes them ideally safe for small children.

Yes, all composites exposed to the sun will undergo some minor fading when exposed to the environmental elements. It is possible for the colour to drop a few shades over the first three months and then the product will appear naturalised and fading halts. Decker will never lose its entire colour.

Decker will resist scratching more than most composites but all composites can present some scuffs and scratches, especially when new, and particularly on smooth surface. By applying decking oil with a clean rag, the marks should be less noticeable if they occur. Weather exposure will fade the marks rather quickly and hence, the scuff and scratch marks are hidden away quite quickly if they occur. It is highly recommended that any outdoor furniture on Decker decking should have protective feet like rubber stoppers to be put on the legs to help prevent scuffing or scratching of the deck. Please refer to our care and maintenance instructions for further information.

We always recommend that you keep a few spare boards just in case something unforeseen happens and then the damaged board can simply be replaced. If the boards have been kept out of the weather, it may take up to 3 months for the boards colour to match the rest of the deck.

No, all clearance items from Decker are being cleared at extremely low prices when and if they occur, so no warranty is offered with any clearance item. Clearance items are any products which are sold below retail costs, unless otherwise specifically stated on the receipt as an exception.