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Timber Vs Decker

Maintenance Factors when considering Decker vs Timber

  • Hardwood Timber Decking
  • $ per
  • Hardwood timbers fully finished typically more expensive
  • Natural timber has natural imperfections
  • Legal and illegal deforestation occurring
  • Merbau is fast disappearing
  • Time consuming and expensive maintenance
  • Degradation of a timber deck will quickly advance without regular maintenance
  • Toxic chemicals used in the staining, painting and oiling of timber decks
  • Maintenance requirements will negatively impact the environment
  • Maintenance requirements will impact your lifestyle or pocket

If you are considering natural woods or any other composites, please make sure you compare like for like when considering Decker. In particular look at the width and thickness of the planks, as these dramatically affect the longevity of the product.  The maintenance of wood decking can be time consuming and costly. Below is a typical estimated cost and activities of decking care.

According to Australian decking experts, timber maintenance is required every 6 months to ensure durable and long-lasting of the wood decking. The activities required are listed below:

timber composite deckings

Punching of loose nails
Filling of the nail holes and sanding the surface
Removing any possible moulds on the decking
Time allowance for drying (reducing moisture content and deck coating)
Removal of wood paints
Improving absorption by sanding the wood
Finishing with 2 coats of protection which requires 2-24 hours between coats Time Expenditure
Decking oil is about 15 minutes a square meter
Painting/Staining the timber colour is about 15 minutes a square meter
Required Tools and Expenditure
Pad applicator, brushes/rollers
Drop sheets for pathway protection, plants and furniture $6
Turps for cleaning
Sandpaper for wood
Drum Sander for rental (if necessary for larger areas)
Safety equipment like gloves, face masks & safety glasses
Decking Cleaner
Mould Remover
Wood Preservatives
Decking Oils
Decking Stains
Deck Paints

These figures may vary from store to store and conditioning of the decks, and can serve as an estimate guideline only.