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decking for architects

Innovative designs and concepts are often required to balance function and form artistically. Decker’s composites provide architects and designers the ability to reach new levels of art.

With the technology advancements of processing wood chips and plastics recycling now used in our WPC products, designers now have the freedom and choice to design an architecture according to their style, taste and substance across all areas of the project, not just the decking.

Decker provides modern and contemporary colour schemes as well as different surface textures for the designer’s composite projects, to be more exceptional as well as offering a range of complementary matching products such as fencing, pergolas, balustrades, cladding and furniture to mix in with the aspirations. In addition, the benefit of using Decker is that the composites will be almost maintenance free and allow for a smooth and consistent installation of the products making sure your masterpieces stay as they were visualised years later.